Traditional Rosary

Prayer to Remove Generational Spirits

Lord Jesus Christ, Incarnate Son of God the Father, Thou who hast chosen to enter into human history by being carried in the womb of Thy Blessed Mother Mary, grant, I beseech Thee, that any demons that may have been introduced into my generational line by any one of my ancestors may be blocked from passing to the subsequent generations.

I ask Thee that if the evil spirit entered the generational line by the sin of one or more of my ancestors, that Thou wouldst pardon the temporal punishment due to their sin and free us from the demon’s involvement in our lives. Blessed Virgin, we ask thee to offer the Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of thy Son to God the Father in reparation for the sins of those ancestors who may have introduced any evil spirits into my generational line, as well as any subsequent sins that may have resulted from the evil spirits affecting those of the generational line.

If any evil spirit has been introduced into my generational line as a result of a curse or malefice done by someone outside my family, I ask thee to give me the grace to forgive them wholeheartedly and I ask Thee, Jesus, to break the curse or malefice, if it is still in place. God the Father, I forgive them for any of the effects of their sin that they may have committed against my family line and for any damage it may have caused. 

Martin Schongauer - St. Michael Slaying the Dragon
Martin Schongauer - St. Michael Slaying the Dragon. Source: New York Public Library

Jesus, I ask Thee to forgive me of any sins that may be the result of any generational spirits in my family and I ask Thee to block any power the evil spirits may have gained in my generational line as a result of my own sin. Heal any damage in the lives of the members of my family as a result of the generational spirit.

I bind and completely and utterly reject, with the full force of my will, any sin or spiritual defect of mine as well as any temptation, allurements or power that any generational spirit may have over me as a result of my sin or the sin of any other person. I do this in the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is highly recommended that one pray to Our Lady of Sorrows to ask Her to reveal what the nature of the generational spirit is and how they may have entered the generational line so that specific binding prayers may be said against them and virtues may be developed to combat them. It is also salutary to have Masses offered in reparation for any sin that may be the cause of the generational spirit as well as healing of the members who may still suffer the effects of the evil spirit and for the repose of any souls in Purgatory that may still be there as a result of sins they committed at the behest of the evil spirit.

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