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Beatissimo Padre, Della Mora Antonietta, umilmente prostrata ai piedi di Vostra Santita', implora la Benedizione Apostolica e l"Indulgenza Plenaria "in articulo mortis" anche quando non potendosi confessare ne' ricevere la Santa Communione invochera' pentita con la bocca or col cuore il Nome Santissimo di Gesu'. (Tr:) Most Holy Father, Della Mora Antonietta, humbly prostrate at the feet of Your Holiness, begs the Apostolic Benediction and a Plenary Indulgence at the hour of death, even if incapable to confess or receive Holy Communion, if she is penitent and invokes, with mouth or heart, the Most Holy Name of Jesus. SSmus Dominus benigne annuit precibus Datum ex aedibus Vaticanis die 26 oct. 1948 (Tr:) Most Holy God graciously grant this request Presented from the Vatican on this day Oct. 26, 1948 (Stamped Signature and Title:) Ioseph Migone Archiepiscopus Nicomedien (Tr:) Giuseppe Migone, Archbishop of Nicomedia (Seal:) Magister Sacrarum Largitionum Pont. Max. (Pontifex Maximus) (Tr:) Chief of the Sacred Treasuries of the Supreme Pontiff (Or:) Master of the the Apostolic Camera (or the Reverenda Camera Apostolica, formerly known as the Papal Treasury) (Stamp on Reverse:) Elemosineria Apostolica - Lire Venti (Tr:) Office of Papal Charities - Twenty (Italian ) Lire
Apostolic Benediction and Plenary Indulgence Parchment 1948 Oct
Image by Nick-philly - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0